Paddle Canada Certificates

  • Level 1 Sea Kayak Instructor
  • Level 3 Sea Kayak Skills

Other Certifications:

  • Wilderness Remote First Aid

3 Years Experience

    Terry Porter

    Since being introduced to canoe camping while in Scouts Canada, Terry fell in love with the outdoors. Week-long wilderness canoe trips in Northern Ontario from ice off to late fall filled his forthcoming summers. Once, sitting on the shores wind bound in Temagami wilderness park, he saw 2 sea kayaks effortlessly paddle through the waves and wind of raging Lake Obabika. A kayak and lessons later changed his paddling destinations to larger lakes and coastlines.

    After 27 years in IT, Terry decided to get all the certifications to teach and guide his passion of kayaking. Armed with Paddle Canada L3, L1 Instructors certification, Terry moved to Nova Scotia to pursue a new career path! He has since paddled on both west and east coasts of Canada and guided muliday trips on the Bay of Fundy.

    And he still paddles his canoe once and a while.

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