Paddle Canada Certificates

  • Level 2 Sea Kayak Skills

Medical & Other Certificates

  • Emergency/Trauma Registered Nurse

Ryan Mitchell

Growing up on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Ryan was always close to the ocean, exploring beautiful beaches and every nook and cranny of the coast.

Boat trips to the many islands from Blue Rocks to East Chester are some of his fondest memories, which have stuck with him throughout his years at St. FX University. Since earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, Ryan has worked and lived in the Halifax area.

After 10 years of living in the city, a chance to move to the seaside community of Prospect exposed Ryan to a local group of passionate sea kayakers and some of the best kayak spots in Nova Scotia. Canoeing and fishing on the ocean was always a hobby, but his first kayaking trip in wind and swell was all it took for Ryan to find his new passion.

Paddling in surf, swell, rock gardens and exploring new areas with fellow kayakers are what puts a smile on his face!

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