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Sea kayaking and stand up paddling (SUP) adventures in Nova Scotia and Canada’s North Atlantic Coast. We offer guided day tours in the renowned LaHave Island Archipelago and the Mahone Bay Islands on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. For those who prefer a self guided tour, we also rent kayaks, paddleboards and canoes. We also offer multi-day expeditions in superb locations across Atlantic Canada, as well as outdoor education, yoga, paddling instruction and other custom group programs and tours. Everyone is welcome, no experience is needed!


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The gift of experience

Sarah Hrdlicka

We’re nearing the end of November…the sun sets by 5pm in Nova Scotia, there is ice on the pond in the mornings, all evening activities at home revolve around a toasty wood stove. We have been working steadily this fall, planning for 2019, our sixth season kayaking and paddleboarding on the South Shore. Our planning process includes reflection - What was amazing about this past season? What are our guests telling us they love most about our business? How do we build on our strengths? It also includes time spent playing and improving our skills: kayaking on the Shubenacadie Tidal Bore, surfing new waves, SUP river runs, a yoga teacher workshop in New York, some exciting food pilgrimages and home cooking experiments. Lobster dumplings anyone?

At Cape LaHave Adventures, we craft unforgettable trips and courses because we believe in the worth of experience. In fact it’s a common value all of our guides share. Whether we spend our time paddling, practicing yoga or surfing, we let our passions feed and instruct us on how to offer experiences that are unforgettably awesome. In 2019, we are focusing in on what we are most passionate about. Here’s a preview:

Multiday Tours

We’ve been pleasantly surprised that our longer multiday tours have become our most popular. While there is a perception that people are taking less time to unplug, we’ve found there is still a significant thirst for longer, immersive wilderness experiences. What great news! 

In 2019, we’ll continue to offer our Newfoundland Icebergs & Outports trip. This trip is always a highlight of the season for us - with an opportunity to visit the incredible landscape of the northern coast of Newfoundland at the height of iceberg season. We’re also planning a recon to a second Newfoundland tripping location on the South Coast for 2020 — stay tuned!

Our Epic South Shore trip has continued to be a hit, allowing guests to experience the wide diversity of paddling on the South Shore, from the LaHave Islands, Blue Rocks, Stonehurst and Mahone Bay. We’ll offer two departures this coming season. 

2018 was our first year offering our LaHave Islands Glamping Adventure. We had so much fun with the multiple adventure options this trip affords: kayaking, standup paddling, beach & SUP yoga, hiking and snorkelling. We noticed that with all of the options available on this trip, adding an additional day to the itinerary will let our guests experience it all.  Depending on your schedule, you can now book a 2, 3 or 4 day Glamping Adventure for 2019. 

Isla Coiba, Panama, 2013. We’re excited to return to this biodiversity hotspot this winter to lead several multi-element, soul-soothing getaways!

Isla Coiba, Panama, 2013. We’re excited to return to this biodiversity hotspot this winter to lead several multi-element, soul-soothing getaways!

The multi-element experience of our Glamping Adventure has inspired us to bring the concept into other trips we offer. It feels so good to use your body in different ways, and to experience a place from multiple perspectives! Our 2019 season will kick off with a new multiday offering in tropical Panama. Isla Coiba Recharge will let you experience this incredible part of the world through kayaking + SUP + snorkelling + hiking + yoga. There’s also an option to add a surf camp to round out the experience, with local legend Michael Mckenzie. This winter getaway has us itching to trade our wetsuits for rash guards and soak it up! 


This is just the preview - we’ll have more exciting news about our 2019 day tour and course offerings for you soon. In order to focus on offering you the best paddling adventures, we have decided to simplify for 2019 and close our second location in Mahone Bay. We’ve enjoyed our Mahone Bay shop, but after three years on Main Street, we feel that we no longer need our town location to help us reach you, our fellow ocean-loving adventurers. We’ve had some fun moments of fame this past year in the LaHave Islands: we’ve been featured in Outside Magazine and the Guardian, we’re part of a reality travel show on Amazon Prime, and CBC keeps dropping by. There’s a buzz - the experiences we’re offering are world class. Seek us out and you won’t be disappointed!

Sarah will continue to offer both multiday and day tours with beach yoga, to help you stretch out your paddling muscles, and get the most from your adventures.

Sarah will continue to offer both multiday and day tours with beach yoga, to help you stretch out your paddling muscles, and get the most from your adventures.

While much of the world gears up for Black Friday and holiday shopping, remember it’s is not about fancy gear or the latest high tech gadgets. Sure, quality gear can enhance your experience - and we pride ourselves in keeping our equipment in top shape - but what are you doing with your gear? How are you spending your recreation time? That’s what you will remember and treasure. Let’s make this season about presence not presents. But of course, if you’d like to give the gift of an awesome paddling experience, we won’t object :)

Enjoy the holidays and see you in 2019!

Sarah, Scotty and the Cape LaHave Adventures Crew

The Cape LaHave Adventures Crew

Sarah Hrdlicka

The Cape LaHave Adventures team has grown! It’s our fourth season now on the South Shore, and we are so psyched that our little-paddling-business-that-could has such incredible people backing it up these days! 

Scott and I have taken up a lot of air time so far, as the owners of Cape LaHave Adventures. We thought you should hear about some of the other people responsible for making the magic happen too. We certainly could not do it without them.

This year we have former guides returning: Paul with his patient coaching and unbeatable seal spotting record (I hear he has some kind of in with the head seal), Logan with his local lore and boundless enthusiasm for all things salty (I dare you to try to not get excited chatting about life on the water with him!). Robert and Marlene are travelling this season, but we’re eager to welcome them back for next year. Matt is busy running his own paddling business in his new home of Shelburne these days, but we are happy to root him on, and collaborations are in the works for future Paddle Canada trainings.

You won't find Logan sitting around in his spare time... via Gordon Prince YouTube Capture

New to the scene - You may have already had the pleasure of meeting Duff, our resident karate expert who juggles phone calls, bookings and rentals from our Shop in Mahone Bay, all while remaining genuinely friendly and cool. We've also welcomed some new guides to the team. There’s Kyle who brings years of school teaching, surfing, and meditation training to the water, to make for a tour that is both educational and intuitively the right vibe. We scored Gavin off of a Tall Ship this summer - he's a lyrical spirit, with all the guiding skills in droves. There’s also Jill, who brings years of outdoor experiential education experience and mad group facilitation skills. We are also lucky to lure Crystal back into the guiding world from nursing. She brings great guiding experience from BC, as well as a background in training Wilderness First Responders. We are also excited to work with Andrew this year, who is a personal trainer & ran his own Wilderness SUP touring company in Scotland before making South Shore Nova Scotia his new home.

What incredible talent helping us out this year! And these are just the front-line folks! You often hear about how it takes a village to raise a child. Well, apparently the same is true for a small business. 

If you haven’t had a chance to meet our growing team, I’m sorry, but you are missing out. They are an exceptional cast of characters! Often our guests want to know our guides' personal stories. Who becomes a guide and why? Looking at our team - it’s a diverse group, but there are common threads - our guides are people who love helping people have fun on the water. They have in-depth knowledge of the areas we operate, top notch paddling and leadership skills, and enthusiasm in droves. What a crew to surround ourselves with! If one of us isn't on the water with you personally, we know you’re in incredibly capable hands, and we also know you’ll have a blast! 

Enjoy your time on the water this season! From our growing family to yours,

Sarah, Scott & The Cape LaHave Adventures Crew

Salty perspectives...

Sarah Hrdlicka

We feel so grateful to be back guiding tours in the incredible LaHave Islands again. This year we decided to take the leap and venture into Mahone Bay with more kayaks and a fleet of shiny new Starboard standup paddleboards (SUPs). Wait…what? Yes, a lot of kayakers turn up their noses at SUPs. Maybe some of you are among them. We have to admit, we used to be among the SUP doubters too! We were first tempted to give it a try as a platform for yoga (well Sarah was tempted). A paddleboard, it turns out, is an amazingly playful AND peaceful platform for an outdoor floating practice! It’s a great way to reconnect with your core during your practice and stay focused…or else be reminded to focus with a little surprise swim!

Gliding along island hopping on a Starboard touring SUP

Gliding along island hopping on a Starboard touring SUP

It also turns out that SUPs are really fun to paddle too…even for us kayakers! After long days out guiding in kayaks, or days seated in the office (yes unfortunately adventure companies involve office work too), we love getting out enjoying our incredible surroundings on the South Shore by SUP. It’s great to stand up! Paddleboards offers a new perspective. From a board you can gaze down into the tide pools and feel the movement of the water surface underneath your feet. A lot of paddling skills transfer over – blade control, bracing, edging, trip planning, risk assessment– and there are fun new skills to try out, like jumping into surf stance to catch a wave or to pivot around in a quick sweep stroke.

Paddle Canada SUP Instructor Training, LaHave Islands

Paddle Canada SUP Instructor Training, LaHave Islands


Many folks think that it’s going to be tough to balance on a SUP – but it doesn’t have to be at all! There’s a wide variety of board designs from super stable all-round boards, to boards designed for SUP surfing, racing, touring, whitewater, fishing…the list goes on! All to say that with the right board, SUP can be very beginner friendly, plus there are lots of new challenges to be had in the sport, if that’s what your looking for. Plus if you fall off playing around on your SUP, there’s no need to deal with a swamped boat – bonus! As long as you have the board attached to you with a leash (a safety must!), the board stays beside you in the water, you kick you feet like you were hoisting yourself out of the pool and you hop back on!

We still love our kayaks, but we’re also really enjoying sharing our SUP discovery with others this summer on the South Shore. Really though – you shouldn’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself – especially you skeptics! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We have a fleet of high quality SUP rentals for you to take out for a spin, plus we're hosting a Starboard Demo Day in Mahone Bay on July 18th, 2016 (4-6pm), where you can test out a wide range of boards and different layups. If you are interested purchasing a board, you are welcome to try out a variety of boards before you buy - the cost of a one hour rental can be applied the sale of the board! We have inflatable and hard Starboard SUPs in stock. We’ll also be offering lessons and SUP yoga classes next month, so stay tuned for details! In the meantime, here is some SUPiration for you, if your curious, or already bitten by the paddleboard bug.

This interview with Whitewater SUP guru Mark ScriverWe’re super excited that Mark is coming to Cape LaHave Adventures this July to teach an Advanced Flatwater SUP Instructor course.

This inspirational SUP Yoga video by the folks at Wanderlust

The book on SUP

This article about SUP in Antarctica, by Meghan Roberts. (We snuck into a few pics … can you spot Scott and I?) Meghan operates her own SUP company in West Virginia Mountain Surf Paddle Sports LLC. Check out her offerings when you’re in her neck of the woods!

Pups who SUP! Instagram feed