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2 Hours
Experience Level
No Experience Needed
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Snacks available
Prerequisite Courses
No Prerequisites


• Learn launching and landing skills
• Forward and turning stokes
• Basic safety considerations & skills

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Paddle Canada Certification is available.

These 2hr paddle board lessons introduce the beginner to the everything you need to know for stand up paddling in enclosed sheltered waters and calm conditions. Skills covered on this paddle boarding course include launching, landing, forward & turning strokes, and safety awareness - get started in this fun and accessible sport and experience the waterways of Nova Scotia from a new perspective! 

No previous training or lessons required!

Safety Skills:

  • Falling off safely
  • Remounting the board
  • Use of a leash
  • Understanding weather and paddling conditions

Paddling Skills:

  • Lifting and carrying a board
  • Choosing and holding a paddle
  • Mounting a board at a beach or dock
  • Prone paddling
  • Paddling while kneeling
  • Standing up
  • Paddling in a straight line
  • Braking stroke
  • Sweep strokes
  • Paddling in windy or turbulent conditions


  • Board design
  • Board outfitting
  • Clothing
  • Safety equipment
  • Paddles
  • Injury prevention
  • Equipment care
  • SUP resources
  • Transporting a SUP

• Instructor and certification fee
• SUP & Safety Equipment

Equipment Rental included in all lesson prices! Have your own paddling gear? Get 10% off lesson prices when you use your own equipment. Use discount code OWN10G at checkout when you book.

• Water bottle, picnic lunch & snacks
• Comfortable non-cotton clothing (quick drying)
• Sun protection: Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, long sleeves
• Wetsuit (recommended) Rentals available $15 please reserve in advance

We insist on small groups – that’s what makes our tours and clinics special – so there can be no rescheduling or refunds within 48hrs for day tours and rentals, and 30 days for multi-day tours and clinics unless a suitable replacement is found.

We reserve the right to cancel or alter any clinics or trips due to weather or insufficient registration. In these cases, refunds will be issued and we will do our best to reschedule.

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