Surf SUP Level 1 Surf SUP Level 1 Surf SUP Level 1

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Surf SUP Level 1

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1 Day
South Shore, NS
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Intermediate Level


-Surf safety and etiquette
-Surf forecasting & Understanding the surf zone
-Paddling out, Pivot Turns and Catching Waves!

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Welcome to the surf zone! This introductory SUP Surf course covers the fundamentals of understanding the surf zone, paddling out, and catching waves on a SUP. There is a strong emphasis on SUP surf safety and etiquette. We will also cover basic surf forecasting, wave types and choosing appropriate conditions for beginner SUP surfing. 

The day-long course is scheduled over two days, for a total of 6hrs of course time. Exact timings for Day 2 will be confirmed when we meet Day 1, so we can practice our surf forecasting and take advantage of the best surf conditions the South Shore has to offer over the course of two days.

Day 1, we will meet at our office at 14 Bells Cove Rd. Dublin Shore at 5pm. 

Topics include:

-SUP Skills Brush Up

-Surf SUP design, paddles & safety equipment

-Surf forecasting 101

-Surf safety and etiquette 

-Understanding the surf zone

-Paddling out, Pivot Turns and Catching Waves!

Pre-requisites: Advanced Flatwater SUP Skills or equivalent skills and knowledge + paddling experience to solidify pre-requisite skills. Participants must be confident swimmers. Basic prone surf experience is also recommended.

Paddle Canada Instructor

-Surf SUP, paddle, leash
-4/3mm Wetsuit
-5mm booties
-snacks, water, sun protection