Paddle Canada Certificates

  • Level 2 Sea Kayak Skills
Medical & Other Certificates
  • Wilderness Remote First Aid
  • 500hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher
  • NSLS
3 Years Experience

    Barbara West

    A lifetime outdoor enthusiast Barbara has had diverse experiences in trekking, open water swimming, kiteboarding, backcountry skiing, camping, and canoeing. While raising her three young children and homesteading on the South Shore, she’s also been throwing any extra time and energy into learning about the ocean and its power through surfing in all seasons.

    She can often be found contemplating the vast beauty of nature and taking inspiration into her permaculture homestead. After learning about the possibility of putting her 500-hr yoga teacher certification to work on remote island beaches in Nova Scotia, she’s been inspired to share her connection to the ocean through sea kayak guiding and yoga instruction with Cape LaHave Adventures.


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