Paddle Canada Certificates

  • Level 2 Sea Kayak Instructor
  • Level 4 Sea Kayak Skills
  • Rolling Instructor
Medical & Other Certificates
  • Wilderness Remote First Aid

10 Years Experience

    Colin Smith

    Originally from Ottawa but always felt that Nova Scotia was his real home, Colin is now living his Atlantic dreams. Colin fell in love with sea kayaking while at Acadia University (2013) and found guiding to be the perfect way to enjoy his love of paddling and share it with others. He began working his way to become a sea kayak guide and found any excuse he could to get in a kayak and learn something new. This lead to learning how to roll a kayak which then lead to an obsession. Colin can often be found practicing the many Greenland rolls or paddling techniques. He is obsessed this traditional style of paddling and is trying to digest as much of the history and knowledge as he can. 

    Colin loves being on the water and sharing new adventures. LaHave is one of his favourite places to do just that.

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