Paddle Canada Certificates

  • Level 3 Sea Kayak Skills
  • Level 1 Sea Kayak Instructor
Medical & Other Certificates
  • Wilderness First Responder

7 Years Experience

    Gavin Cameron

    Gavin grew up along the LaHave River, and as such, has had the pleasure of paddling, exploring and just plain frolicking-about along Nova Scotia’s beautiful coast all his life. After a number of years working as a carpenter and sailing aboard tall ships throughout Scotland, Iceland and along the east coast of Canada, Gavin is excited to be paddling and sharing the beauty his home coast has to offer. 

    Since starting out sea-kayak guiding over 6 years ago, Gavin has become impassioned by the work, the historical LaHave Islands, the natural environment, and the amazing people he meets every day on the water. As well as being a sea-kayak instructor and guide, Gavin holds a degree in marine biology, with a focused interest in phytoplankton and seaweeds. Over the years he has guided sea-kayak expeditions in Newfoundland, and around Nova Scotia, leading safe and accessible trips for youth, families, and friends. In his quest to discover the perfect skipping stone, he is currently accepting impromptu challengers of all ages to take part in the world-champion-skip competition.

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