Paddle Canada Certificates:

  •  Level 3 Sea Kayak Instructor, 
  • Intermediate River Kayak Instructor
  • Level 1 Sea Kayak Instructor Trainer
  • Beginner River Kayak Instructor Trainer
Other Certifications:
  • EHS Medical First Responder 
  • Swift Water Rescue Technician

Karl Vollmer

Karl is a Paddle Canada Sea and River Kayak Instructor Trainer. He maintains Medical First Responder certification as part of his Volunteer Firefighting with HRFE. Karl organizes and runs an annual Whitewater festival in Bangs Falls, NS. He is also a past president of Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia, past NS Representative on the Paddle Canada board of directors, and is the current Chair of the Program Coordination Committee and Whitewater Program Development committees for Paddle Canada. 
In between all of that he gets out on the water as much as possible, tripping, surfing, touring and teaching.  Karl is passionate about outdoor recreation and loves seeing people achieve their personal kayaking goals and having fun doing it. 

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